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Friday, December 19, 2014

So why Poke…..

Boy meets girl – in Sydney
Boy asks girl to marry him – in Japan
Girls marries boy – in Hawaii
Girl and boy fall in love – with poke

…..and that’s it really!

I get asked a lot where and why. To be honest it is the perfect little love story and a collision of several of my and my husband’s passions – FOOD, HEALTHY LIVING & GIVING BACK. Oh yeah and did I mention food.

We both grew up around food and have since travelled the world eating food and since getting married in Hawaii I would say we have become real poke connoisseurs! Once I tried poke I knew that Australia would love it and we just had to share it.

For ages we spoke about it – the concept is so fitting to support the healthy eating revolution. We really want to change the way that fast food is viewed. There is no reason that it needs to be burgers and fries. The fact that we are becoming one of the fattest nations just doesn’t sit right. Over 25% of our children are obese with food choices and family eating habits as the main. We know the time is now for us to fit against this!

With any idea comes the fear and excuses

There was no difference with this idea. Once we started talking about it there were definitely the naysayers. It wasn’t until I travelled to Uganda and returned with a new life motto..

Live life with no excuses

The difference the women and men were making to their worlds over there is profound. They are ending their own poverty and hunger. It was decided from then on that there is no reason why we cant….

create a healthy world – one Poke at a time!

I am so looking forward to sharing the Poke love with you all.

Candy xx

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