How we Poke

Our menu varies depending on a variety of factors... We only use quality local and seasonal produce, so that we do our bit to support local producers and ensure that our footprint is no bigger than it should be. This means our dishes might vary slightly from time to time. But our meals are always served with a healthy dose of Aloha (love), which may leave you feeling blissed out and nourished!

And a friendly warning: Poke is highly addictive!


Some of our most popular Poke flavours include

Coconut Delight

Cured white fish with the taste of the tropics: coconut milk and citrus flavours combined with seasonal vegetables.We use a variety of fish depending on the fisherman’s catch of the day.

*Gluten and dairy free

The Aloha Way

Ahi (tuna) or salmon combined with the delicate and delicious flavours of soy and sesame, served with sweet onions, plump cherry tomatoes and green shallots.

*Gluten and dairy free

Go Nuts

Ahi with shoyu sauce topped with roasted macadamia nuts and toasted sesame seeds. You'll definitely go nuts for this crunchy number!

*Gluten and dairy free

Make Aloha Not War

Ahi combined with a host of tasty super foods like kale, seaweed, raw beetroot, carrot and radish. One for the health nuts among us!

Pele's Touch

Our homage to Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire, this scorching ahi or salmon dish is laced with fiery red-hot chilli oil!

Blessed and Lucky

Ahi or salmon with orange seeded mustard, avocado, fresh seasonal veggies and a hint of gratitude-inducing wasabi!


Check out our full menu below...