Spreading the aloha

Since returning from our wedding on Oahu’s north shore in 2011, our dream has been to share this island specialty with our fellow Sydneysiders.

It’s simple, tasty, super healthy food that captures all the soul, flavour and freshness of the islands. We like to think of it as Hawaiian-style sushi. In the Hawaiian language, the word poke (pronounced, poh-keh) translates as “to cut or slice into small pieces”. Modern Poke consists of cubed tuna, salmon or other fresh seafood, marinated in delicious, Japanese-inspired condiments.

We treat our customers as friends, and take from Mother Earth only what we need. That means using quality locally sourced produce, to ensure our footprint is no bigger than it should be. But most of all, our aim is to deliver to you, our customer, tasty food that will leave you feeling nourished, and a meal you’ll want to tell all your friends about!